[Beta] Character Customization

  • Blind Squirrel

    Character Customization

    From the main menu, click on the Drifters tab.
    Here you can select a Drifter to customize.

    Each Drifter has their own loadout slots for quickly storing and accessing several sets of customizations.

    This includes multiple variants of each Drifter's primary weapon and abilities.

    You'll unlock abilities to purchase as you play Drifters and level them up.
    Once you reach the required level for a particular ability customization, you'll need to also purchase that customization with Credits.

    Experiment with different weapon modes and abilities to fit your taste!

    Character Customization

    Emotes, Emojis & Sprays

    You can also equip a variety of customization items from this screen.

    Scroll to the bottom of your Drifter's custom loadout and select Emotes, Emojis & Sprays.

    You can equip up to four each to use during matches.

    Emotes, Emojis & Sprays
    Emotes 2

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