Patch Notes - Open Beta

  • Blind Squirrel

    Open Beta

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    Features and Tuning


    • Three new training modes are now in the game: Basic Training, Grapple Tutorial and Drifting Tutorial. To leave training exit to Main Menu by pressing ESC.

    Main Menu / UI

    • Updated UI in Menus
    • Updated instances of the Unreal icon displaying as a placeholder
    • New Challenge System. Complete daily challenges for additional rewards

    Gameplay [HUD / UI]

    • Added Game Mode Rules in ESC Menu in-match

    Gameplay [Bots]

    • A.I. now populates in pre-match lobbies

    Store / Cosmetics

    • Hard currency (Zenith) is now available for use in the store
    • Soft currency (Credits) is now available for use in the store

    Bug Fixes

    Main Menu / UI

    • Addressed bug that caused Main Menu options from being selected properly
    • Fixed issue that cause character level and XP to not display properly
    • Addressed bug that caused issues with pre-match lobby working correctly with controller

    Gameplay [General]

    • Addressed various issues causing game crashes

    Gameplay [Characters]

    • Gogo: Addressed bug that caused Gogo's shield to not function properly
    • Gogo: Gogo's shield should no longer block outgoing damage
    • Gogo: Addressed issue that caused Gogo to not be able to shield an ally and heal them at the same time
    • Gogo: Gogo's hitbox should now match her character model
    • Halley: Addressed issue that caused Halley's weapon to fire shots into the ground
    • Halley: Halley's hitbox should now match his character model
    • Hibbs: Addressed issue with Hibbs Revenant Super that caused it not to function as intended
    • Hibbs: Addressed issue that caused Hibbs to be unanable to fire bullets aftering exploding crates within close proximity
    • Ziggy: Addressed issue that caused Ziggy to ascend above the death plane during his Super
    • Ziggy: Ziggy's hitbox should now match their character model

    Store / Cosmetics

    • XP Boosts should now function as intended
    • Addressed issue that caused boosted XP amounts to be inconsistent

    Please share your feedback in the feedback forums and report any issues.


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