• Im going to be blunt. The game is just not fun right now, why you may ask, Well its because of the rampant champ imbalance , lack of champs, small hitboxes and the cross hair you cant see shit behind it please turn it off or let us create our own. gogo is next to impossible to kill if shes jumping and has shields, Tanks just dont die unless its from other tanks. Ziggys fine but ult kinda op. resister useless, hibbs useless.

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    I can definitely sympathize with the struggles with GoGo, but she can be hit if you have specific target prioritization up close but from a distance it can be on Ziggy to handle her. Crosshairs I agree with in some way, but muscle memory at least for me kicks in and crosshairs don't get in the way too least for me.

    I will ask though, instead of just saying things like "champ imbalance" etc, could you please expand on what's imbalanced about specific Drifters and how that can be adjusted to help balance out the current meta?

    As for Resistor and Hibbs, in the right hands they're scary. So far, for me, I'm concerned when going against Prosy because he is a decent Resister for just starting. Remember, that a lot of it may be right now that people are new and getting used to the game. It just came out into public hands and will take some time to collect the data and feedback to improve the game. To help expedite that process we, as players, can be detailed in the feedback that we give.

    EDIT: In regards to lack of Drifters, please remember that it's common for these types of games to release with a smaller pool of characters to establish a solid foundation before expanding on the selection.

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