Known Issues - Open Beta 0.9.0

  • Blind Squirrel

    Known Issues - Open Beta 0.9.0

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    Gameplay [Characters]

    • [Halley] Abilities can apply to targets that are already dead
    • [Resistor] Rockets fired at locked-on targets may not properly apply splash damage to nearby enemies

    Gameplay [Game Modes]

    • [Bounty] It is possible for a second player on a team to be marked as an additional bounty target
    • [Bounty] Bots can potentially get stuck in a suicide loop causing the score to become inaccurate
    • [Plunder] Relics can be deposited below mesh platforms

    Main Menu [Pre-Match]

    • Characters in-lobby can potentially appear invisible
    • All emotes, including those that are locked, can play in the pre-match lobby
    • Various issues causing "Failed to join game" errors

    Main Menu [Social]

    • The Play button is not greyed out when a party leader leaves a match but not the party
    • Party members who are not on a player's friends list show as a blank Party member with a duplicate avatar to other players
    • Friends can disappear from the friends list after entering a match
    • Accepting an invite while in a match forces you to leave the match

    Art [Audio]

    • Game volume is generally louder than intended
    • Some sounds are not affected by volume settings
    • Background music can stutter during gameplay

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