Open Beta Dev Blog - August 2020

  • Blind Squirrel

    Hey Drifters community!

    We wanted to reach out and give a big THANK YOU to those that have been giving our labor of love a try!! It’s been so wonderful to see everybody playing the game, the responses, and feedback (positive or negative), and watching how y’all are getting along with our baby! We know there’s a lot of great stuff to play out there, so the fact that you’re willing to give us some of your valuable time is something we won’t take for granted!

    This Open Beta period gives us a lot of valuable data on issues we need to address, how best to address them, and great ideas for improvements and new features!

    Speaking of issues, we’re definitely watching and listening to all your feedback. We know there are some key things causing more spice than Arrakis! So, I thought it would be worth giving a little update on what we’re working on and planning. 😊

    Matchmaking Issues

    Yup…. This one stinks the hardest now. It’s also the most complicated, so it will take some time to get right! We’re analyzing the data and dropping hotfixes quickly to address what we’re seeing, but this is also why we’re in Open Beta to find these issues. We appreciate your patience and help while we sort these little gremlins out. And sort them out we will! (and we’ll get the team to stop feeding them after midnight!!)

    Party System

    We have something in the works and want to get it to y’all several weeks from now if all goes well. So keep an eye out!

    Lots of “Other Stufftz”

    We’re in the process of hardening our first client patch, with the hopes of getting it into your hands as soon as possible. There’s a lot of tweaks and tunings to improve responsiveness with grappling and weapons, a few tweaks to improve game mode clarity, and a lot of bug fixing!

    Latency Issues

    Of course, we’re continuing to bolster our networking and backend systems to address some of the latency issues people have mentioned. This will be an on-going process, and things will get better over time!

    Again, we thank you for your patience and help in getting this solid, as this is one of the key reasons we needed to get into Open Beta.

    Those are the main topics, but rest assured we have a lot of tender juicy morsels of fun in the pipe being worked on! Check out our announcement post for a high-level view of where we’re heading! And we’re keeping an eye on our forums, so keep posting, and we’ll answer as many questions as we can!!

    Many many many many many many many many many many many MANY thanks for trying our game!! We wouldn’t be able to get this baby to where we want it without you!

    Benson - Lead Game Designer

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