Patch Notes - Open Beta 0.8.3

  • Blind Squirrel

    A new update is coming in hot!

    Servers will be brought down at 1PM Pacific in preparation for the update.
    30 minutes of downtime is expected.

    Features & Tuning

    Gameplay [Game Modes]

    • New Plunder mode!

      • Hack the relic loot zone
      • Secure the relics for extraction
      • Defend the extraction zone to score
      • First team to extract 3 relics wins!
    • Updated Bounty teammate and enemy colors to be more consistent
    • Optimized Bounty game mode player HUD
    • Updated Bounty in-match messaging and HUD

    Gameplay [General]

    • Reduced FOV from 90 to 80
      • This change was implemented to increase the visibility of enemy players on your screen.

    Gameplay [Movement]

    • Updated ledge manager to make grappling mechanic more responsive

    Gameplay [Characters]

    • Halley

      • Reduced full reload cycle by 0.5s
    • Sumo

      • Reduced full reload cycle by 0.5s

    Menu / UI [General]

    • Updated Legal Acceptance Requirements pop up in-game.
    • Various updates to Menu UI
    • Updated Store UI
    • Updated News Items Widget

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed various issues that caused crashes
    • Fixed a softlock that occurred when attempting to run the game without Steam

    Gameplay [Game Modes]

    • Fixed bug that caused Bounty targets to not have visual effects
    • Addressed bug that caused Bounty icons to be invisible for the first set of bounty targets
    • Addressed issue that caused strange icon behavior for bounty targets
    • Fixed issue that caused a group of Resistors to appear in the Tutorial modes
    • Addressed inconsistent language in-game for Capture the Relic

    Gameplay [Movement]

    • Fixed a rendering issue that occurred when using grappling and abilities at the same time
    • Addressed various bugs that significantly impacted grappling consistency
    • Fixed a rendering issue that occurred when using grappling and drifting at the same time

    Gameplay [Environment]

    • Fixed projectiles disappearing when shooting explosives or crystals
    • Resolved spontaneous ship symbiosis during the opening match cutscene

    Gameplay [Characters]

    • Resistor

      • Reduced damage on Resistor's Wild Ride weapon
    • Sumo

      • Fixed bug that caused Sumo's Stun Charge to not fire after respawn
    • Ziggy

      • Ziggy can no longer scope into their rifle when Corrupted by a Resistor
      • Fixed an issue causing Ziggy's scoped shots to not always hit where the player is aiming
      • Fixed an issue causing health bars to not always appear when Ziggy shot a target
      • Fixed an issue causing Ziggy's shots to occasionally hit the ground
      • Ziggy can no longer be pulled out of their Super by a Halley's Gravity Well

    Gameplay [Bots]

    • Fixed bots selecting characters already on the team when backfilling in-match

    Main Menu / UI [Drifters]

    • Removed some unnecessary descriptor text on grapple abilities

    Main Menu / UI [Pre-Match]

    • Fixed various odd behaviors that spam-clicking the Play button caused
    • Fixed unintended behavior when pressing Cancel on any tab other than the "Play" tab
    • Fixed various bugs that caused players to encounter "Join Game Failed" error
    • Fixed various matchmaking issues that caused fatal crashes to occur while searching for a match

    Art [Environment]

    • Addressed assets not displaying properly in the Tutorial Mode
    • Fixed bug that caused background music tracks to occasionally overlap

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