Drifters' new user experience

  • Overall my guild and I had a great time flying & slinging around, blastin' each other in da FACE 😄 We even had a few people spectating in the room and they said this game is really fun to watch! The movement was definitely the most enjoyable part of the game.

    The part we were struggling with was trying to start a game. There's a Play option and Quick Play with different modes so we got a bit lost in that area. Inside the match, we weren't sure what we were supposed to do, so we spent most of the time just moving around, shooting, and trying out abilities. It took us a few rounds, but we eventually understood CTF and Bounty modes.

    I’ve put together a few UX suggestions below, mostly for new players getting acquainted with the game:

    @Landing/Title Screen –
    PLAY button functionality is confusing to players. There is a “Play” tab, a “Quick Play” button, and a “Play” button which is the actual button to start matchmaking.

    “Play” Tab becomes “Game”
    “Quick Play” becomes “Training”

    @Loading/Launch –
    Show player details of objective, but include visuals/icons from actual HUD in the instructions.
    Mode: BOUNTY
    Defend (ICON - blue diamond), defend your ally from being hunted down for enemy bounty!
    Attack (ICON - red diamond) enemy to earn bounty for your team!

    Keep Verbiage consistent (Change “Steal” to “Collect”, since Collect is what appears in-game on the HUD)
    Collect (ICON - Red diamond) Enemy Team’s Hollow Relic
    Escort/Combine (ICON - Red diamond) both Ally & Enemy Relics to Score

    @IN GAME –
    As previously mentioned, we were pretty confused about what the objectives were. Most PvP games provide more info when the TAB button is held. This feature would be helpful for new Drifters players who are trying to learn about the game.
    So if the player pushed TAB, they should be able to see things like:
    Which game mode they’re in – Bounty? CTF?
    The objective of the game mode with visuals from the actual HUD
    Other helpful info for player – “This map has bombs to detonate”
    Scoreboard/other players in the match

    Would be great to have a Ping feature

    That’s about it for now, more to come I’m sure. If you’re a fellow Drifter who feels the same way about these experiences, throw me a vote 😄

  • Community Manager

    Thanks so much for the detailed feedback!

    The less-than-ideal first match experience is certainly something the team is aware of and working to improve. This post echoes a lot of what we've been hearing from the community, we'll make sure it gets in front of the right eyes.

    Much appreciated, and thanks for checking us out!

    Quick edit -- I've gone ahead and moved this thread to the General Feedback forum. Best place to ensure we see it. 👍

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