What's your favorite toon to play?

  • Howdy, been playing the beta since the release. Also got a founder's pack.
    Was curious, what toon do you guys like to play the most? I'd probably still stick with Resistor for now since he seems to be the most simple to play. Especially at early beta stages when system balances are tweaked, it's probably best to stick with Resistor. That's just my thoughts though.

    What characters do you like to play? Why?

  • Resistor is my jam. He's quick, easy to utilize and effective. I enjoy playing Hibbs as well, which is fortunate, since so many of us play Call Center Boi. Currently, I'm working on learning the other character's play styles. I think I will enjoy them more once I get the hang of them.

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    I thought I'd come into this thread explaining my favourite song to listen to.

    Ziggy - High skill, high reward.

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