Open Beta Dev Blog - September 2020

  • Blind Squirrel

    Open Beta Dev Blog - September 2020

    Hey all you people drifting fabulously through the anomaly!!

    We have a really special update about to come online with the 0.9.0 release that we think will make a lot of you do a happy dance!! So I’ll keep this introduction short and get to the goods as that’s what y’all are here for!

    Matchmaking Improvements

    We’ve done a LOT of refactoring to our matchmaking system thanks to the data we’ve been able to collect from the Open Beta so far. Again, we want to say THANK YOU for the help. We know it’s been frustrating. At the high level, you will be able to find matches much MUCH quicker than previously! If you want to know a bit about the details, then please read on.

    The key improvements include:

    • A min and max players server setting for launching a game (instead of just a min setting that we’ve had so far).
    • Being able to merge groups of people that are waiting for a game on the same region. For example, if you have two different groups waiting to start a match, and both groups are below the threshold for starting a match, those groups will now join after a short period of time.
    • We’ve also added a timeout that relaxes the settings and attempts to get a match started ASAP with whoever is available.
    • A bunch of bugs we’ve hunted down that were creating bad scenarios in the matchmaking routine.

    Party System

    You’ve been asking for it, and here it is!!! Go team up with your buddies and jump in to start the lootin’!!

    This is our first pass at the system, so it’s got the basics for now (being able to invite people to a party, joining a party, and the party sticks together until people leave). We have many enhanced features on the docket for the long term, so keep an eye on our updates as we expand this system in the future and please let us know what features you’d like to see in a party system as you continue to play.

    Ability Unlocking Costs Balancing

    The cost to purchase an ability once it’s been unlocked has been drastically reduced. We have plans for a better ability upgrading path that does not involve Credits, but it’s a longer-term solution. For now, we wanted to get rid of a major pain point for character upgrades!

    Ping System

    We’ve added our first pass on a simple ping communication system! Pressing G will place a Ping marker on whatever your reticule is over, and your entire team can see it. You can press and hold G to place the marker on yourself.

    Next steps for this system will be to increase the number of object types it can be applied to, and to add contextual messaging based on the type of object that was pinged.

    Emotes in Pre-Match Lobby

    We have a lot of plans for fun stuff to do in the Pre-Match Lobby in the future, and as a first step we’ve given the ability to randomly play one of the unlocked Emotes of the chosen character (if no Emotes are unlocked, the default emote for character will play).

    There’s also a LOT of bug fixes and tuning that’s gone in based on the feedback we’ve been getting. Another big shout out to all of you that have been digging into the Open Beta and giving us this feedback, especially as we know the experience has been a little painful of late while we’ve been re-working our matchmaking system to provide a better experience. Thanks so much again for playing and enjoying the game!! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future!!


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