Patch Notes - Open Beta 0.9.0

  • Blind Squirrel

    Patch Notes - Open Beta 0.9.0

    Open Beta 0.9.0 is arriving soon!

    The update includes the first iterations of our party system and ping system, tons of improvements to matchmaking, a bunch of bug fixes, and more!

    Check out Benson's Open Beta dev blog and the full patch notes below for more details.

    Major Updates

    Main Menu [Matchmaking]

    • Matchmaking optimizations!

      • Bots will now dynamically fill in lobbies after a certain amount of time for faster matchmaking
      • Separate matchmaking lobbies on the same region can now combine for faster matchmaking
      • Various improvements to matchmaking messaging

    Main Menu [Social]

    • New party system!

      • Invite Steam friends to join your party and match together!
      • Manage your party through the new social widget

    Gameplay [HUD / UI]

    • New ping system!

      • Press "G" to place a ping marker for your teammates!

    Features & Tuning

    Main Menu [Exiles]

    • Reduced the credit cost of unlocking new ability customizations by 90%

    Main Menu [Pre-Match]

    • Strut your stuff! Players can now use their emotes in the pre-match lobby

    Gameplay [Characters]

    • Introduced weapon damage fall-off across several characters
    • Introduced weapon recoil to Halley, Hibbs, Sumo, and Ziggy
    • Hibbs

      • Weapon damage drops off to 75% when hitting a target at 100 meters
    • Resistor

      • Weapon damage drops off to 50% when hitting a target at 50 meters
    • Sumo

      • Weapon damage drops off to 50% when hitting a target at 30 meters
    • Ziggy

      • Ziggy can now remain scoped while reloading
      • Introduced idle sway when aiming down sights, decreasing once a shot is fully charged

    Gameplay [Game Modes]

    • Updated Capture the Relic visual effects
    • Updated Capture the Relic messaging on the HUD

    Gameplay [Movement]

    • Made various improvements to grappling mechanics

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed various issues that caused fatal crashes

    Main Menu [General]

    • Fixed an issue that allowed interaction with other main menu elements when the player profile pop-up is on-screen
    • Fixed issue that caused background image to be missing in the post-match loading screen
    • Fixed various soft locks caused by pressing the Esc key on a pop-up

    Main Menu [Pre-Match]

    • Addressed an issue that caused player to encounter error "client not network compatible" when failing to enter a game lobby.
    • Fixed alternate loadouts not applying the proper abilities saved in that loadout
    • Fixed an issue causing "Join Game Failed" errors after finding a match

    Gameplay [General]

    • Fixed an issue where the player camera would fall when inside the launch tube at the beginning of a match
    • Fixed a soft lock occurring in the Tutorial modes after changing character
    • Fixed an issue causing players to enter a state where they're unable to grapple

    Gameplay [Environment]

    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck inside a container on Stranded during a Plunder match
    • Addressed issue with jump pad on Stranded where players could use jump pad without standing directly on it
    • Addressed issue that allowed players to stand under one of the engines on the map
    • Addressed an issue where player could stand on top of loot and travel a certain distance via the drone
    • Fixed issue that caused some barrels and crates to be extra large

    Gameplay [Characters]

    • GoGo

      • GoGo's bubble should now block projectile damage as expected
      • Addressed issue that caused Sparky to visually persist on teammates

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