Open Beta Prototype - Oct. 16

  • Blind Squirrel

    Our first Open Beta prototype session is right around the corner!

    It’s happening Friday, October 16 from 4pm – 8pm Pacific.

    In case you missed it: The Drifters Loot the Galaxy Open Beta is moving to a new format. We’ll be delivering brand new prototype builds every week with substantial changes that represent our vision for the future of the game. For the foreseeable future, Open Beta servers will only be online during these new prototype play sessions. More details and the latest play times, check out our new status page on the forums.

    So, what can you expect in our first prototype build?

    In-Match Looting

    “Where’s the loot?” was one of the most frequent questions we got in the early days of Open Beta.

    One of the first major new features you’ll notice in this week’s prototype build is in-match looting. Throughout a match, you’re now able to acquire loot through multiple means and spend it to power up your character’s abilities. Currently, the primary ways of acquiring loot are…

    • Damaging or eliminating enemy Drifters
    • Escorting the payload
    • Destroying minion robots
    • Picking up loot scattered across the map directly

    You’ll see your personal loot total in the bottom left of your screen. This is the first look on ways you can acquire loot, so let us know what you think!

    In-Match Ability Upgrades

    Once you’ve banked enough loot, press the “Left Ctrl” key to open your character’s upgrade tree. From here, you can spend the loot you’ve acquired to upgrade and power up your character’s abilities for the duration of the match. These upgrades can include faster drifting, stronger protective barriers, and even infinite explosive ammo!

    Keep in mind that this is merely a prototype! While some thought has been put into keeping the abilities from getting too crazy, this is not at all representative of our final vision in terms of balance.

    Prototype Tech Tree - Resistor

    New Game Mode: Payload

    Also in this prototype is an early iteration of our latest game mode: Payload. The “payload” itself is a drone surrounded by a large circular zone. The drone spawns in the middle of the map between two opposing team bases. Once a Drifter enters the payload’s area, the drone begins to move towards the opposing team’s base.

    Similar to other payload games you may have played, the drone will move faster if multiple Drifters on the same team are escorting at once. However, the drone will not move either direction if Drifters from opposing teams are contesting the zone. Escort the payload all the way to the opposing team’s base to win! If the timer runs out, whichever team has the payload escorted the furthest will take the match.

    This is a very recent development, but we’ve already been having tons of fun with Payload internally and can’t wait to see how the community takes to it!

    New Level: VaporRedux

    But what’s a brand new game mode without a place to play it? With Payload comes VaporRedux, a new map with a familiar skybox! This new level was designed specifically with Payload in mind, featuring mirrored spawns and a payload path full of twists, turns, and tunnels. As you’d expect, VaporRedux has also been populated with a plethora of grapple ledges and bars to help you quickly swing back to the objective.

    VaporRedux Prototype Level Design

    That’s not all, though! VaporRedux also includes several rooms full of new AI minion robots. If you choose to take a detour and eliminate some of these new minions, you’ll be rewarded with some extra loot to power up your abilities! The aim of these minions is to supplement your supply of loot, especially if your opponents have already spent lots of time upgrading their abilities.

    More than ever, we’ll be listening and reading every piece of feedback you’re able to give us. We encourage you to leave your feedback in our official Discord’s feedback channels and fill out the weekly play session survey once you’ve had your fill.

    This prototype plays a lot different from the Drifters Loot the Galaxy you've come to expect and we can't wait for you to try it out. Thanks for sticking with us, there's much more to come. 💜

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